Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Life spins ribbons around me today. bright, colorful ribbons of joy. Lots of private smiling from ear to ear going on. All by myself, like J says.

I needed to go to Home Depot for something. I went first thing in the morning, before they were actually open, so I sat in my car for a few minutes. I was looking out my windshield watching this white guy, maybe 50’s, getting out of his pick-up. He was struggling. He had a cane, and one side wasn’t working fully. Stroke, I figured. Sad, he was so young. I watched as he helped his leg out, got his cane, and grabbed a few bags off of the seat. I was watching and thinking…”good for you!!! Don’t let it stop you!”

From the far corner of the parking lot, I see a 30s something, tall, black, working-class guy, walk past mr. pick-up, go get a shopping cart, come back and take the bags out of the mans hand, put them in the cart, turn the cart so the bar was facing properly, pick up the man’s limp hand and put it on the cart handle and then walk away. They never spoke to each other. I watched and then cried at how beautiful it was and delighted in the goodness of people.

Later that day, a 10 year old came into the gallery with her mom. i sit in the back behind a wall and never see, but only hear people walk in. sometimes silently but for the squeaking of the wooden floor. Other times, I hear “wow”, nearly under a breath. It is a very colorful place filled with colorful things. Quin was her name. she was really tight with her mom. very loving, very open with her. I listened to them interact before finally saying hello. I was immediately taken by Quin, her spirit. “I like you Quin.” I said. “thanks.” She said. “you have moxie.” I said. She looked at her mom and asked her what moxie meant. “Oh, OK.” She said.

They left after sharing a bunch of giggling, and I was sad to see them go, but my chest was filled up like a balloon and it felt good.

I liked today.

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