Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Jeeeeminy crickets!!!

A new day has dawned and thank God for that! What a week it has been. First I leave my job while everyone else in clinging to stay employed. I am either a total fool, or a blundering idiot (different from being foolish) or it will turn out to be the best thing I’ve ever done. Everyone keeps tell me I have to believe. That’s the fundamental and pivotal word and attitude. BELIEVE. So Okay – I’m giving it a try.

Partied with friends Friday night; had a good time, lots of laughs, lots of indulgences. Saturday is a welcomed rainy day spent with J and a dear friend watching movies. Off to bed Saturday night only to be awaked by the fire alarm at 4:00 A.M. We do the “fire alarm dance”….what’s that? It’s the fire alarm? Well what is it? How should I know? Get something to fan the alarm – it’s too f’ing loud! Are you kidding? She gets a towel and begins to wave it. I think we should go down!!! The towel is abandoned and we go down. The kitchen is engulfed with the smell of electrical fire. J goes outside and opens the bulk head doors, CALL 911!!! CALL 911!!! She screeches, consumed in the billowing smoke!

I call 911. I feel compelled to scream into the phone in a slightly hysterical, but authentically Greek tone, for affect. FIRE! SMOKE! ALARMS! I say between breaths. I wanted to be taken seriously. (years ago I called 911 when the alarms went off in my apartment and I was questioned by the operator as if I were lying – didn’t want a repeat). He calmly tells me to get everyone out of the house. J is already outside so that leaves me. Once again, as I did many years ago, I take a brief look around and decide since it would take me too long to decide what I would take, I take nothing. I didn’t want to hear any “You took THAT?!!” remarks afterward.

The Police arrive – two, then four. We stand around and shoot the shit while we wait for the fire trucks. One of them is funnier than any stand up I’ve heard. I’m laughing my but off. Firemen arrive and tell us we are lucky to be alive. The alarm went off in the bedroom upstairs, but not in the basement or the first floor. Small miracles or God’s work.

I wake up the next morning, totally annoyed that I have to drive into the city for an appointment, on the first day that I do not have to drive into work, which happens to be in the city. I get five doors down the street and someone pulls out and collides into me taking the entire length of my new Scion with him. I stepped out of the car and lost it. Completely…like a girl. Face in my hands, sobbing. I was a sight. Poor bastard didn’t know what was going on…

…and frankly, neither did I or do I!
Lets Begin again.


  1. OK. I can't believe this!!! Is everything OK...I'm sorry to had to go thru that, but boy am I happy for the story!! Just had a fantastic laugh - thanks as always.

  2. I don't relish regrets but oh how I wish I had read this before our 'conference' with you, J & L....this was/is great reading.

  3. OMG! I thought it couldn't get any worse and then you describe the accident. I'm laughing out of disbelief. I hope everything was okay and your car was totaled so you could get a new one. God's work...